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I'm broke, broken and full of Zen

Tuesday 3/26/13 - Ellie Von Bun

Hey you guys with Spotify!

I got bored and put my Spotify playlists into a better order. This is my pride now that I'm trying to keep nice and clean. (Hope the link works) If you like it, follow it! No pressure.

So last week I got mail from doctor saying I should come back and take more blood samples before that.

Sounds assuring, right?

My sickness was indeed very fun. First I thought it was plain hangover. After a day I decided that it was a food poisoning. After that I thought it might be some sort of body flu or whatever they call it. Later I was jumping on between salmonella and cancer. And around that time I fought my way to the doctor.

After antibiotics I got better and so happened that I was more sick than original flu would have been. Apparently I got some kind of "vital liver infection" which my body thank heavens already got through. Me and my doctor both are quite sure that it was unfortunate reaction after heavily consuming alcohol or something, but I still have to take all kinds of tests. Mainly because the doctor is worried that I got hepatitis or something from the tattoo place. But this is very unlikely. So don't worry.

But now I'm quite done with Saskatoon. When you lie in your bed a week, unable to go farther than the toilet, your mind is your only company. One friend was kind enough to bring me something to drink and helped on my way to the doctor and waited for me there. Other than that, I was all alone, miserable and sad.

And I knew that back in Finland I would have had somebody to take care of me, at least for a while. Actually, I have been already looked after there by more than one person, for example after my break-up when I couldn't leave the house and was unable to eat. It's no fun being sick enough to cry all the time all alone.

All these people do and care is having fun. In one way, it's always fun to have fun, but I'm starting to be sick and tired of the way of having fun here.

Of course, that means you always have to be drunk. And last Friday as I was hanging at a party sober I realized that those parties are that horrible that you have to be drunk to survive them.


I'm tired of seeing drunk people hitting on each other and accidentally and on purpose showing intimate places. It's like being a teenager all over again. Or hamsters in a small box.

My liver already failed me and I was one of the boring ones! What the hell guys!?

I'm now killing time by doing schoolwork and getting ready for heading back home (one month left!). But I don't want to be a total douche so I'm trying to enjoy my time as much as I can, even though the end of April couldn't come sooner. Especially as I decided to move to my own place, out of roommate living! Yay!

So, good luck for me as I'm broke and sober probably for the rest of my trip. Gym and outside world, here I come! Fuck you all drunk idiots with your second (or still the first) teenage! This girl is done and now paid her dues.

Thank god here are a few nice and actually fun people who makes the time here worth it. Otherwise I would run, fast and far.

Edit note: Even though I'm 100% sure the doctor said "vital", she did have a super thick accent and I'm now sure she meant viral. That makes more sense.

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