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Attack of the Filler Bunny

Thursday 11/1/12 - Ellie Von Bun

This post exists for no sensible reason and stands for nothing. I pondered what to write about and had a wonderful amount of topics to rattle, but in the end felt stupid about all of them.


Because it's too early. I can't tell about anything interesting, funny or personal right in the beginning, can I? This post is like a filler bunny from the last post. It needs to exist but makes no sense whatsoever.

The same purpose goes to those filler posts that most likely will made their way in the future to this blog.

"Oh hi, remember me? I don't have anything smart to say but I'm here, look at me!"

Yeah, filler bunny is an attention whore alright.

I might as well make a walk by the remember lane about my last blogs. I think there were two of them, one way too personal and private and other boring with no purpose. Both I wrote in Finnish and it annoyed me that I didn't have any readers (Whoa, I guess filler bunny isn't alone!).

It's hard to keep something time consuming like a blog alive when you have attention span of a squirrel.


As it is already made somewhat clear, I really don't know yet the topic to write about. This isn't any fashion blog, I'm not a taxi driver and I'm not pregnant. But hell yeah, I try to be funny. Try as in I'm not sure if I am, but sure as hell want to be!

I'm also a bit ashamed that I ended up using WordPress. I tried to erase everything that reminds of it and used my own layout and planning, even though WP fought back like a raccoon that was forced in a tennis ball tube. But once you get the little bastard in, it sure works like a charm. Whatever you would like to do with a tennis ball tube filled with a raging raccoon.


Funny, I've worked with this layout for a long time and I'm still not satisfied. I can't look at it objectively and definitely don't want to change anything major anymore. Now I see one pixel wrong and my head explodes. Perfectionist.. Is.. Not.. Satisfied! How in the earth this piece could work as a portfolio?

Maybe I'll add a picture of a crumbled piece of paper and it serves as a link to the work I've made. As for saying "Yeah, I knew you would try to click this and my work is indeed trashy". Well, trashy in this scenario means literally trashlike.

And the best part of this site in my opinion is...

There's no comment option! Hoorray!


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