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Crawling under my skin

Friday 3/7/14 time 10:00 PM - Ellie Von Bun

Hiya guys!

Sorry for being quiet and stealthy just publishing new site without a word.

I'm sorry.

Couple words about it though. The old site died with Wordpress. Had to make a new one. I made one day at some time ago and I used the product of the company I work with. That's about it. I didn't even bother to do a layout design before creating it so it's a first draft. Sue me. At least we still have elephants!

I totally lost my cool about my skin condition. Then I decided I'm gonna do something about it.

Some people might be curious what my skin looks now. I would be.

My life jumped a tiny bit harder mode than before. It's unfair in my opinion. My legs went to really bad shape. Itching was unbearable. If I dared to scratch (which is something you just have to do at some point) the pain was killing me. And even if didn't scratch.. well it was still painful.

And it was spreading.

How much I tried to use different lotions, nothing was working with my skin. My arms and stomach started to get more spots in a wildy rapid motion.


These are my legs a year ago happily showing of my brand new tattoo like a proper teenage girl. Couple of moles here and there. No more.

After getting few spots I went to a dermatologist and other doctors and hoped for the best.

Hope didn't work.

At some point I pretty much gave up for ever being pretty again. I was thinking of becoming a proper butterface as it was looking at that point that the fucker will creep on my face too.

Well luckily my face is still clear but my body is not. Here are couple photos from around three weeks ago, almost a year after the previous picture.





These are also just before I went to Cape Verde for a week long vacation. And that vacation was meant for my skin.

In these pictures the spots are quite ok looking. I've just out of a shower as my skin is still wet and have already put lotions on, so they just look red without the dry part.

You can also see that my hand looks better than my legs.

I decided mainly take pics from my legs and I'd still have plenty but these shall do.

Somedays my skin is better. Somedays it's not.

Today I went to see the same dermatologist again. As my skin has only gotten worse and more straightforward, she gave me the official diagnosis and all the needed papers so I can have treatment. With light! Light treatment!

So I will get my skin burned up nicely with fake sun. Beware fake tanned teenagers, I'm following your footstepst! With an actual health reason of course.

I might apply for a sun treatment trip in the next fall to the Canary Islands. Also for very cheap!

Anyhow, I got a bunch of new lotions and the weather is getting easier to live with so I hope for the best.

I can leave this rant with two words: Why me?

In other things, I'm still planning on buying an apartment. I've even put a couple offers but lost them. But I have time!

I've finished everything in my school except for my thesis which I'm starting pretty much now. I want to graduate this summer. And I will.

So if I disappear again for some time, I'm working and doing my thesis so I'll be busy. Still.

But I might visit. For skin updates at least!

Sofi says HELLOO



Oh boy my skin looks almost fine in the sun.

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