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Friday 5/10/13 - Ellie Von Bun

For those who have slumbered here, I am sorry for my quietness. If there was anything I could say to explain for my behavior I'd explain the hell out of me, but unfortunately I don't think I can.

Let's try to do this with pictures then!




So, I apparently live in some sort of a cave.

First I had my finals, which I failed in the end (except for one I think). I focused on them stressing the hell out of me. For nothing.

I also spent some time with quality company, a nice young lad kept me out of trouble and made me feel a bit sorry for leaving. Also, the spring just started so it was really a shame to leave just then.

When I returned to home, I blamed jet lag, which really is not a good reason for not to blog.

I'm hunting for a job and an apartment which is so stressing that I shut myself in the world of games, The Sims 3 and Civilization 5 mostly, and ignore the mess and the horrible thought of not having a penny and nothing to do. Except for cleaning and unpacking. Which I don't want to do.

Please forgive this face. This is my "I'm sorry I'm just a puppy" -look.


Come on, I'm not even showering, why would I blog?

Hey, I've been checking couple apartments already and guess what?

People are crazy and homeless.

Let's say we go to see a wildly expensive place with cracking walls and moldy floors. People come in and the first thing they do is throw the nice lady who is showing the place with applications.


And whatever the nice lady says makes the people to calm themselves.

"There's really no room for an actual stove, but we have this handy separate stove you can hide in the cabin!"


"Yeah well, there's really no room for bathroom either, so we have toilet in the kitchen so you can cook while you poop!"


Well, I've decided to leave this student apartment and find a place I can stay after graduation so I'm one of those lovely people. Oh my.

I still have interviews to go to and shits to do so let's keep our pants on and be patient. I'm also meeting ALL of my friends like there's no tomorrow so I'm too happy to blog and whine. Oh, wait..

Now I wish I had finished all the raw texts I've made, but no. Not good enough.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and made food out of nothing.

Please excuse me of my horrible English, which according to one of my professors is hard to understand, but I'm still horribly tired and can hardly focus.

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