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Monday 3/18/13 - Ellie Von Bun

There I was, minding my own business, watching Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 and taking everything in from a mild hangover and making decisions about life and hardly realized that I was getting sicker and sicker.

Finally, I went to sleep early to kick the nauseating feeling. Sadly, it was not the hangover anymore.

So I've spent the last week weeping at night, fearing for my life to end, vomiting blood (quite innocently, except my mind is sure I'm dying because of this), hoping for life to end and in the end, fearing that it might not end after all.

Now as the Sunday night goes down, I feel mildly okay. Mildly as in my stomach still aches, but I'm still able to eat even though not with normal pace and enthuast.

Anyway, before this, time has gone by juggling with doing fun stuff and stressing about massive amount of schoolwork. Have I yet done any? Well, I started! And I made nice schedule in my head how to work this on. Except I fell ill and now I'm way late in that too.

Thank goodness these teachers are so damn nice and help me so I'm not lost cause yet!

This also means my head is all full of boring school stuff and hate for alcohol and human beings. Even though I've had week for strickly to my thoughts, hardly anything is publishable by any means. Maybe I will someday tell how I decided to be a good person from here on, but that might just be that. Who knows.

Just for not making this post about procrastination and vomiting 'n stuff, I present you with my deep hatred given to my path by Canadian engineers. Those guys really have thumbs in their asses or something.


Nothing wrong with this picture, is there?



This building is supposed to be brand new and does that look fresh and practical to you? Well, no, it's already getting off the wall and not the way that I wanted.

And what's wrong with no hand showers? I've never seen one. Only these types high on top of your head, that's it. Who comes clean just standing there? My poor feet are soon growing mold because I can't find a good way to wash them under these god forbidden showerheads.


This. I hate this. I hate this so much. I have to put the water running with it's full force and wait for spot to run in. This with the fact that you can't take the showerhead to your hand is the combination of pure evil.

And if I want warm water slowly running on top of me? Not gonna happen, this shower won't have no pussies here, if you want your lame water, you'll take it ice cold, bitch.


Here's me in the shower. Well an illustration of some sort at least. The dudette is at least at the correct height to picture my joy in the shower. There's that convenient little bench that forces me to stand in that spot, facing that goddamn water that is shooting on my face with full force.

I have tried standing on the bench, sitting on it, staying under the force but there really isn't any normal way to use this shower.

This shower is a work of pure idiotism and it blows my mind how someone must been jumping out of their trousers saying "Guys, guys, I know how we gonna make a shower that works!" and have the others to go with it. It must've been April Fools' day.

No, it definitely was.

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