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Thursday 1/31/13 - Ellie Von Bun

Just for starters, I noticed something odd about my last post. You might have noticed it too. I really don't know what happened, but hell, I just had to add my face multiple times like a 13-year-old girl who adds some lame filter to her upward taken photo and if she's feeling super deep, add some meaningful lyrics to it.

But just to make things right, I'll just leave this here.


I have a bone to pick with Canada.

One of my top reasons why I choose to go to Canada was the language barrier. I didn't want any. Because I have celiacs, I need to check every freaking product for traces of gluten. Which sucks altogether but think about me checking some Korean product for it's ingrediments. Yeah, good luck with that, I'm so good in Korean you know.

So English speaking country it is! I was confident and merry about my choice and arrived ready and feeling normal about my diet to be.

It's been three weeks and oh boy I want to eat.

No, let me refrase that, I want to eat food happily without the dark cloud on top if me that reminds me of not knowing if the food has gluten or not.


Guess what? Canada has the same feeling towards deep fried stuff and unhealthy white, doughy products as US.

They even deep fry some of their sushi. What the fuck is up with that? Who in their right minds wants to deep fry sushi?

And even if it's not deep fried, it has wheat protein or some else little fuckers that makes me think that they are doing it just of spite.

I believe every freaking place have their very own flourshaker. They make the food normally, realize it actually is gluten-free, so they add a hint of that beautiful snowywhite ingrediment of their cute little shakers.

Right now, my poor stomach is saying "HAHA, No.", I feel stuffed and huge and ill and I just want to sleep and cradle my food baby. And maybe throw up once in a while. Morning sickness is normal even with a food baby.

And I am sure I am eating gluten so often that all other side effects are showing their ugly heads.

I'm just so tired, sleepy and exhausted (different things!) that I'm not up for anything. I remind me of my old superhero alter ego Cocoon-girl. My super power is being able to create a cocoon out of anything, everywhere and disappearing in the darkest corner making horrible sound effects ("I'm so broken, squeeee!").

And also, I'm so god damn hungry.


There are still few nice things in the food area.

It's easy to pick up a fresh fruit platter from a near store, and there are few pizza and pasta places that have gluten-free stuff. McDonalds can go to hell here as I haven't yet found a place that had the gluten-free buns they have in Finland.

I think I need a bit more time and go to the right stores.

Finland, you beautiful old bastard, you know your gluten-free stuffs. I'm sorry for ever doubting you.

I'll end this with a picture that I dedicate to my sister. Shh, it's okay, you can be jealous.


Okay, now that 3 weeks has past of my last post I have to say few things other than whining about food.

I've been extremely lazy and gone to very close my "No." phase which is bad. Then when I almost got out of it I got sick instead and have been avoiding world some time. I need my time goddamit!

Weird thing about local medicine. I've been living few days with cough syrup as my throat has never been this sore in my entire life. The medicine is a tad stronger than back home so I've been kinda out of this world. Medicine, sleep, Harry Potter, sleep, medicine and so on.

I'm in The Order of Phoenix by the way.

It's so freakishly cold I already got a frostbite on my nose but didn't take a picture of it because I was in pain.

Did I already mention I'm out of this world?

Tomorrow I'll be back in school and I'll be damned if I keep leaving my camera behind anywhere I go. Sigh.

Just. I just. I'm wordless. I'll be back when I'm healthy and have found my reason to come out of "No."s. Cheers!

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