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Jet laggy monster wants to sleep

Monday 1/7/13 - Ellie Von Bun

It's been five days since I arrived to Canada and it's also time to tell what's been up!


I actually lied before, I never went through Toronto. I totally forgot about that! So I had the longest flight of my life from London to Calgary. But free drinks and food while watching movies is a good way to spend time.

Red Dragon was very good and Jumanji is even better movie with fairly original idea. I also drank wine watching it so it got nice twist to it! Love Actually sucked monkey balls and I fell asleep between. Sleepy Hollow was, well, good enough. Wished I would have watched Babe instead.


So yesterday I was at my first party and do forgive me for being tired and a bit hangovery. It's also great time to blog because now I finally have enough time to do so.


The 22-hour trip was quite harsh and the jet lag after that quite tiresome. I arrived rather late and took a cab to hotel and slept like a baby. In the morning I decided to walk to the university with my luggage and all.

I actually had my first class the very first day, so I got my student card and paid rent and waited before going to Psychology 121, even before seeing my home to be.


I really like the classes I have had so far. And if they seem too much for me, I can always drop one. Two of them are Computer Science, one is Psychology and one is Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Study or something like that. There is still one CMPT course I've not been yet, but the other one seems nice and very close to my courses back home. So I'm happy about my choices!

One thing that bothers me is how expensive the textbooks are. $100 a piece is a lot. And what the seven hells, why I need three books for one course? Get your heads out of your asses.


My first days have run from orientation to shopping and trying to remember all the people and their names. Actually one Fin is most likely related to me, how freaky is that?

I really like my apartment and the school. I'm even more psyched about the new people I've met. So everything is really peachy!


I already had my authentic Canadian experience as I went to watch local hockey game. These people take hockey seriously. Just saying. Also, we won.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to continue my important job of hanging and making a mess. I'll continue later.


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