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The Filler Bunny strikes again!

Saturday 12/15/12 - Ellie Von Bun

Hi, I'm still here!

Guess what is a really bad idea?

Going to a vacation and decide to leave your laptop at home. No. If this thought comes to your mind, it only means that you definitely would need it.

So I went to a spa with my family and had a hard time finding things to do. And now I'm in pain as I had many ideas for blog posts, but not a proper way to write them. Pen and paper? I don't think so.

I did finish A Dance With Dragons, and now I need to wait MILLIONS OF YEARS for the next Song of Ice and Fire book. I absolutely LOVE that series! George R. R. Martin is a GOD. Today I will burst with excitement as I'm going to talk about the books and TV-series ALL NIGHT.

But not yet. Calm. Self. Now.

I also watched all our childhood films with my sister and dad. Oh boy we were awkward back then. Luckily now I'm so cool and awesome!

Okay, my point here now is that I've been insanely busy, I have list of things that needs to be done and I'm hardly ever home alone.

It's only a week until Christmas and ohmygodI'mgoingtodie 2 and a half weeks before I leave to Canada for 4 months. So I've been arranging moving stuff, school stuff, work stuff and buying presents. I have something to do every freaking day and unfortunately blogging is not in the top 10 things. I think I'll crab my laptop with me when I leave to Oulu in a few days. After that I'm going straight to Kajaani. After that is 26th and I'm coming back home and I have to pack and stress my brains out.

And on the 2nd of January my plane leaves over the Atlantic. Holy crap!

Good month being blog of the month, eh?

Anyhow, I think I'll put up one blog post as soon as I can and on the last week go Canada berserk and explode my stress over here to you!

I know you want to hear all that, I'm so lucky I have all of you. :)

Here is a present for your patient and love.


Me on my vacation, whoo!

And now I need to go. Again. AAAGH!


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