This is me

Welcome to my home, cave and safe spot! I don't know if I know you but it really doesn't matter too much. I'm glad you are here.

I started this website as a personal project in 2012 and decided to leave all the crap out and just stick with a blog. I built a gorgeous (in my opinion) site with WordPress under it and bended it to WP's limits. Unfortunately those limits later bit me from the bottom as new updates destroyed everything I made into unrepairable state.


After giving up the dream of continuing my blog and keeping up with my site I suddenly woke up in a bliss. I had been working on already on my site to be for some time in my job. I just decided to go for it and create a wholly new, simple layout with a easy possibility to add and fix stuff.

So here we are again.


For those who don't know this, I am a young Finnish woman with an ambition to become the createst (this was a typo that my friend spotted. Let's decide it means both the greatest AND the most creative) thing in the whole world. And how I'm supposed to acchieve this goal? I'm gonna blog. It'll be sucky with long breaks but I'm doing it still.

What's the theme of How to catch an elephant? Well it has none. At least I'm not aware of it. It first was about my childhood stories with random pondering about depression and such between. Now I guess it's just random stories, stuff and things I'm doing. Maybe it's my dog I'm talking or traveling.


I do enjoy traveling, animals, music, movies, books, games, and all that usual crap. Sometimes I'm really unlucky, sometimes everything just comes to me.

Hope you'll stay for a while and enjoy what I have to tell you!

Jutta / Ellie Von Bun / Raisin Bun